Negocios de Distribución y Exportación S.A. – NEDIX is engaged in the export of food products for human consumption since 1991. It has two business lines: a) dry AGRI PRODUCTS such as pulses, cereals and natural food colorants, and b) fresh, frozen and canned seafood products.

Peru is an agricultural and fishing country par excellence. It has a wide diversity of climates and unique product varieties found nowhere in the world. Most of the products manufactured by Nedix are available all year round. The company obtains the RAW MATERIALS it requires through a network of contacts that has been developed over the past 25 years. NEDIX works with suppliers who meet the quality standards demanded by today's markets in the sanitary and environmental stand points.

Nedix manages the production process from the reception of the fresh raw material; its personnel monitor the whole production process until the shipment of the goods. The company work with processing plants that have been awarded the HACCP / IFS / BRC certifications, which allows us to offer retail packing with the trademarks. Some of our products are sold directly to Supermarkets across the world without any additional handling.

From its beginning, the company has exported its products to the five continents and has been involved in the ever-increasing sanitary, environmental and social changes faced by world trade. We are interested in achieving business excellence, while seeking long-lasting commercial relationships based on trust and respect.

Alfonso Escalante Cassinelli